Personal Training with Britta

With special emphasis on post-rehabilitation training, specialty populations, and hands on trigger point massage therapy work, Britta has many certifications


  • ACE Gold Personal Trainer Certification
  • Remedial Exercise Consultant Certification
  • NSCA Personal Trainer Certification
  • TRX Certification
  • Metabolic HIIT Training Certification
  • Fitness Lifestyle Coach
  • Sports Injuries Certification
  • Barfusion Teacher Training Certification
  • Spin/Cycle Instructor
  • Exercise for Special Populations and Frail Elders
  • Pilates™ Based Mat Class Training
  • Igor Bordenko Postural Land Training
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy Certification
  • Patient Self-Help Techniques Certification
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • Weight Management Certification
  • CORE Training
  • ZHealth Essentials of Elite Performance
  • Functional core training older adults
  • Functional post rehab knees and shoulders
  • Parkinson’s disease certification
  • Continuing education in screening and
    assessment, postural training, shoulder
    dysfunction, comprehensive recovery,
    balance and fall prevention older adults,
    the older brain, back and neck dysfunction
    and hip/knee replacement.


  • New England Women Business Owners (NEWBO) nominated Business Woman of the Year
  • “Best of Boston” – Personal Trainer – 2003



Exercising and training with Britta is something that EVERYONE should do! Britta is not only an incredibly knowledgeable trainer with a gift for balancing guidance, encouragement and whip cracking, but she is also a wonderfully positive and authentic person. Training with Britta has improved my health, well-being and focus. Thank you Britta!

Dr. David Roberts

Great workout! Fitter than I’ve ever been!! The only regular appointment I’ve ever kept in my 52 years on this planet.

Dr. Rachel Herschenfeld

I am so fortunate to be able to collaborate with Britta, on behalf of a number of clients that we share. I refer people to Britta when they have completed a course of physical therapy and are ready to progress to a higher level of function. She is able to teach people how to take the skills they have learned in PT and apply then to more challenging circumstances like more repetitions, increasing weights and harder work load. She has a keen eye for proper technique, so that people learn to optimize great posture and form while getting fitter.

Donna Behr, DPT, MS, PRC

Britta Zecher has been a favorite group exercise instructor at Lasell Village, a senior living community on the Lasell College campus, for 15 years. Residents adore her. She regularly draws more than 30 seniors, who are inspired to reach further than they otherwise would by Britta’s upbeat personality, her attention to each member of the group, and her varied exercise routines. Residents leave Britta’s classes energized and raving about how encouraging she is. Britta is a creative, caring, and talented instructor.

Anne Doyle, President, Lasell Village, Senior Living at Lasell College

Different to my multiple prior experiences with personal training and exercise, Britta fine tunes the exercises that help me to address the complexities that come with the aging process and with post surgery challenges.

Miguel Lessing

I was referred to Britta by a friend nearly 5 years ago. I have some chronic medical problems (bad knees and shoulder), Britta was very helpful in designing workouts to help both problems with a good balance of stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercise during our sessions. It has helped me to avoid surgery. Britta designs workouts for each client’s individual needs and goals. Her knowledge, upbeat
attitude, and boundless energy are great motivators.

Richard Kadison M.D.

My sessions with Britta are an “antidote to aging”! I have been visiting her studio for almost fifteen years; during that time she has increased my overall fitness and helped me recover from numerous aches and pains related to overuse injuries. Now 62, I am still climbing mountains and planning for a five-day bike trip. She pushes me harder than I would ever push myself, and the pay-off is evident in my stamina and strength. I appreciate both her expertise and her caring manner.

Elaine Mittell

I love working out with Britta! She is so knowledgeable, and she has tremendous positive energy. The studio is bright and light. I get a great, personalized workout in a fun, non-threatening environment. I’ll admit that I don’t always feel like exercising. But I’m always glad when I go to Britta’s.

Missy Lankiewicz

My husband and I have trained with Britta for 2 years. She is by far the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. She is skilled at assessing your individual needs and tailoring a program to best fit your needs. Her warm positive presence is icing on the cake.

Jamie Winnick

I have trained with Britta for about two and a half years. I came to Britta with several issues as well as a desire to vary my routine and add some weights. Britt gave me a thorough evaluation and confidently said she could help me; and she has,my issues have minimized and my strength has increased. Britta is extremely positive, creative, dynamic and caring. It is clear she is passionate about what she does and she is a professional. Her group classes are always fun, filled with great women and when you are done you know you have had a workout and then you come back for more!

Christy Curran

Simply put, Britta is the best trainer my husband and I have ever had!

Virginia Drachman

I have been going to Britta for over 12 years. She is a superb personal trainer and has much knowledge on health and wellness topics as well. Britta has the keen ability to tailor work outs to an individual’s changing needs. As I get older this becomes ever more valuable to me. An additional feature of Omni Fitness is the special camaraderie that develops within the group sessions that are offered. The group support and friendships are what get me there each week, and Britta ensures a great work out once I arrive!

Maxine Cory

We are so grateful to know Britta and to have her as a member of the Needham/Metrowest healthcare community! Our clients benefit greatly from her expertise; in fact, they’re often the ones who are proactive about their health and come in for treatments as maintenance rather than for emergency sessions to fix unhealthy tissue! Thank you, Britta, for providing an amazing space for our clients to train, get strong, and stay healthy!

Bonnie Matross-Antoniou, LCMT

Britta offers a high level of expertise in personal training. I refer patients who are recovering from injury knowing that her careful guidance will ensure a safe return to exercise and well being. And she’s a bright ray of sunshine who always puts people at ease. She’s trustworthy, timely, careful, and will work you out like no other when appropriate. Very skillful with a mature population and top notch athletes who want to get to the next level of fitness. High caliber... positive attitude... safe return to fitness. Brilliant combination.

Julie Graves D.C.

Britta is a one of a kind physical trainer. She combines an acute knowledge of the body with a keen understanding of her clients’ individual strengths and weaknesses. All of this is combined with an intuitive sense of whether a client needs stretching or “pushing” in a particular session. Britta is also skilled in pre- and post- operative muscle strength training.

Happily submitted by Jeanne-Marie Ryan, one of Britta's fortunate clients!

It is very hard to capture Britta in few words and even if one could, others won’t recognize that these superlatives are justified. So, I could say “fabulous”, “amazing” “life-saving” or I could say, “She helped turn this 58 year old body from one starting to feel the aches and pains of age into one feeling better, stronger and fighting to stay young.

Doug Lober
Mon-Fri 5:30am-6:15pm
77 Mayflower Rd
Needham, MA 02492